The Pure IQ - Australia's cleanest drink bottle

The Pure IQ - Australia's cleanest drink bottle

Fresh Hydration of @freshhydrationofficial and are changing the way we access clean drinking water with their PureIQ bottle – and it’s for the better!



Did you know, according to the World Health Organisation over 2 billion people in the world do not have access to clean & safe drinking water? That’s an astronomical amount. And it’s not just unique to underdeveloped countries. It happens right here in Australia too. Something that our Fresh Hydration founder and Director, Lachlan Tosh, experienced at his local sporting complex.

“During the first lot of COVID related lockdowns in Melbourne during 2020, I used to exercise at my local sporting complex. Alongside this sporting complex, was a public drinking water fountain that I used to drink out of. The water tasted horrific & upon enquiring to the local council, I discovered it was actually full of E-Coli” said Lachlan. Yuck!

It was at this point Lachlan, also an avid trail runner & hiker, set upon a journey to develop a solution to ensure that he, or anyone else for that matter, would never have to drink bacteria infested water ever again. But that’s not all. It needed to give you access to that clean water anywhere, anytime as well as being eco-friendly & sustainable to avoid impacting the environment. A fair ask!

We’d love to introduce you to Australia’s cleanest drink bottle, the PureIQ.

The PureIQ bottle is Australia’s cleanest drink bottle. It utilises innovative UVC LED light technology built into the bottle lid that when activated, safely sterilises up to 99.99% of bacteria found inside the drink bottle. The UVC light operates at a strength of 275 nanometres which has been proven to be effective against all waterborne bacteria & microorganisms. In addition to the innovative UVC LED light for sterilisation, the key features of the PureIQ bottle are:

- Innovative touch pad activation.

- 3 different sterilisation modes for maximum impact:

Normal Mode: Activate for 60 seconds for a quick sterilisation. Perfect for bacteria found in regular treated household tap water.

Intense Mode: Activate for 120 seconds for an intense & comprehensive sterilisation. Perfect for bacteria found in untreated freshwater sources like rainwater or streams.

IQ Mode: Intelligently activates every 4 hours for a 20 second sterilisation to keep your bottle fresh, clean & help reduce accumulation of bacteria.

- Double walled insulation to keep your water cold for over 12 hours.

- No regular filter replacement – UVC LED light lasts for 100,000 cycles!

- Rechargeable battery – lasts 10 years!

- Battery can last up to 3 weeks on one full charge.

- BPA & mercury free.

- Travel & aeroplane safe.

- Lightweight & durable; making it perfect for reducing pack weight on multi day hikes.

The PureIQ bottle can sterilise any freshwater source. From straight out of the tap, your rainwater tank and any freshwater stream on a hike. It ensures that no matter where you are, you can access bacteria free water anywhere, anytime. How cool is that! Not only does the built in UVC lamp sterilize the water, it also sterilizes the inner surfaces of your drink bottle. That strange smell that occurs in your regular reusable drink bottle over time? That’s an accumulation of potentially hazardous bacteria. The PureIQ provides that extra layer of protection by preventing this from ever happening.

And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better, Fresh Hydration have also partnered with Australian companies, Heaps Good & Hero Packaging, to ensure their packaging is either biodegradable or 100% recyclable. Right down to the sticky tape they use.

The Fresh Hydration motto is: Love your water. Treat your body. Protect the Planet. It is clear to see they are living this to the letter with everything they are doing with their PureIQ bottle.

The PureIQ bottle really is a game changer in terms of hiking & everyday life. After rigorous testing of the product, we are proud to have the PureIQ bottle as the official drink bottle of our HIKE AU team at @hike_australia

The Hike Au Team.

You can check out The PureIQ bottle by Fresh Hydration HERE