Wild Turkey x Homecamp’s Trust Your Spirit tent

Wild Turkey x Homecamp’s Trust Your Spirit tent

At the core of Hike AU @hike_australia is our slogan “Inspiring the human connection with nature.” And that’s exactly what Matthew McConaughey (Wild Turkey’s Creative Director) was thinking to get Aussies out into the wild, and reconnecting to nature.

He personally designed the bespoke tent in partnership with Wild Turkey @wildturkeyau and Homecamp @home_camp, crafted to encourage all of us to head back into nature sooner and more often. The tent even features an in-built QR code which campers can scan to listen to McConaughey tell his own campfire stories of his camping experiences. You can also camp and feel good about it with proceeds from this custom designed tent donated to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Australia. The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife has a simple mission – to create parks and save species. For 50 years they have worked with conservation partners and local communities to preserve native habitat and protect Australian wildlife.


Image (c) @wildturkeyau

Established in 2015, Homecamp is on a mission to bring about a renewed camping and outdoor culture that places connection to nature at its heart. Homecamp was born from the desire to create honestly crafted, everlasting gear that inspires a life outdoors. Their philosophy meets at the intersection of old school know-how, simple utility and rugged good looks, all with a modern twist on materials and construction.

Working with Homecamp, McConaughey carefully designed each element of the tent, from the layout down to the individual colour selection. It comes complete with a matching cooler bag to keep your Wild Turkey Discovery Series cans chilled while on the go, a bespoke quote ‘Check out to check in’ on the front door and its own unique batch number (like a true bourbon whisky). The tent beckons you to get back out under the stars, guided by McConaughey’s distinctive voice to set the scene.

“This initiative is to help give back to those who work hard to protect the Australian wilderness we all love so much,” said Doron Francis, founder of Homecamp. “Our philosophy is about inspiring people to rediscover the power of spending time outdoors, so there was such a natural synergy with Wild Turkey and its initiative. This experience is truly one-of-a-kind and we hope that it helps to encourage all of us to get back out into the bush while doing our part to protect it.”  

When we were first contacted by the Legends from @wildturkeyau about their new Matthew McConaugty Trust Your Spirit tent, we were super keen from the start. To start off there’s only three alcohol related products you’ll ever see on our Instagram page and that’s because we actually drink them. @greatnorthern_aus @sailorjerryaus or @wildturkeyau. I enjoy a drink after a hike, definitely helps with the sore legs but unlike in my twenties when it was about quantity on a night out with mates, now it’s all about quality and sipping a perfectly made spirit. Drink smart and responsibly. DrinkWise Australia, an independent, not-for-profit organisation focusing on helping to bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia. Please see more information on https://drinkwise.org.au

“No one knows the Australian wilderness better than Aussies themselves,” said Matthew McConaughey. “During my time in Australia, I was always in awe of the deep level of knowledge and appreciation Aussies had for the great outdoors. That’s why, Wild Turkey and Homecamp have come together to create an experience that reminds us why we all need to go back into the wilderness sooner and more often. Because when you’re in the wild, you can always trust your spirit.”


Image (c) Wildturkeyau

Ian Darbyshire, CEO of Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, “Working with Wild Turkey year on year has supported our ongoing regeneration efforts, especially the efforts to replant trees, which will take generations to restore since the catastrophic 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires. We’re proud partners and we always look forward to the creative ways that Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey aim to support our purpose”. 

I was personally involved in the 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires, being a Permanent Firefighter for 21 years in FRNSW. I saw first-hand the devastation the fires had on communities so any efforts to help regeneration gets a big tick from me and my fellow Firefighters.

Image @mark_hikeau

Trust Your Spirit Tent

This custom designed tent is over 3.5 metres long and 2.1 metres wide – an extremely generous two-person tent with plenty of extra room for a friend (or your pet). There is additional storage space at each end of the tent for your gear and being over 1.5m at the apex, the tent feels nice and roomy – perfect for festival camping or longer stays.

The spaciousness vibe of the tent can be extended with a unique multi-functional door design that easily transforms into two shade awnings – one at the front and one at the rear of the tent. The doors/awnings can be rolled up so you can kick back for a romantic evening of stargazing.

This is a good looking and versatile tent that you can be proud of and will treasure for years to come. Now it’s your turn to get under the stars and into the wild, where you too can trust your spirit.

Custom design

  • Multi-seasonal: this tent can weather all Australian conditions. 
  • Comes complete with a matching limited edition Trust Your Spirit cooler bag.
  • Additional storage space at either end of the sleeping section for gear.
  • Homecamp ‘Ezy Pitch’ system means you will be set up in no time.
  • Unique multi-functional door design that can be easily transformed into two shade awnings – one at the front and one at the rear of the tent, or rolled up for starry night sky viewing.
  • Both doors have a separate mesh layer with their own zip closure so you can enjoy the airflow without the bugs.
  • Extra groundsheet protector included.
  • Struggle free storage tote.

Special features

  • Ultra limited edition: only 150 tents and matching cooler bags were made for this project. 
  • Proceeds from each tent and cooler sold will be donated to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife to support ongoing bushfire regeneration efforts.
  • Just like a true whisky bourbon, each tent is labelled with its own hand-written unique batch number – making this a valuable collector’s item.
  • The tent comes built-in with Matthew McConaughey’s very own narrated campfire stories that can be unlocked via a QR code on the tent’s exterior.
  • Bespoke screen-printed quotes crafted by Matthew McConaughey. 

Image (c) @wildturkeyau

Trust Your Spirit tent and cooler:

  • The tent can fit two people comfortably and has a sleeping area of 235 x 210cm, large enough for a double/queen size camping mattress or two single mattresses.
  • The tent is easily comfortable enough for two people (or two and a child) with additional storage space for gear at either end of the sleeping section. 
  • The tent is suitable for all seasons above zero degrees celsius and for most environments.
  • The cooler bag has a capacity of 4.68L (24x13x15cm) and is perfect for carrying a 6-pack of cans and an additional slim ice pack.
  • Each tent comes complete with a matching cooler bag.


  • 220 GSM Cotton/Poly Canvas – mould, UV, water proof  (400mm HH rating)
  • 60 GSM PP Insect mesh
  • 400D Poly Oxford PU coated floor (4000 HH rating)
  • Aluminium poles
  • Stainless steel pegs
  • Brass YKK zippers
  • Paracord zip pulls
  • Polyester webbing


  • Tent
  • Ridge-line pole
  • Verticle poles
  • Extra awning poles
  • Extra groundsheet protector 
  • Guy ropes
  • Aluminium guy adjusters
  • Adjustable webbing loops
  • Stainless steel pegs
  • Storage tote


  • Gross weight 11kg
  • Net 9.5kg


  • Set up: 375cm (L) x 210cm (W) x 145cm (H)
  • In bag: 65cm x 25cm x 23cm

About Wild Turkey

The distillery for Wild Turkey Bourbon is located in Kentucky, situated on a deep limestone shelf on the Kentucky River. The shelf acts as a natural filter and provides the distillery with crystal clear water, vital to making such a high-quality product. Wild Turkey features the legendary father and son Master Distilling team of Jimmy and Eddie Russell, who have 101 years of collective experience working at the Wild Turkey distillery. The famous Wild Turkey brand name first came about back in 1940 when distillery executive Thomas McCarthey took a few warehouse samples on a Wild Turkey hunting trip with a group of friends. The following year, his friends asked him for “some of that Wild Turkey whiskey” and the brand was born. Wild Turkey is distilled and put into new oak barrels at a much lower ABV than most bourbons. This results in a much richer flavour, as less is cooked out during the production process.  Website: wildturkey.com

About Matthew McConaughey

Texas native Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award-winning actor, a writer, philanthropist, husband and father of three. He’s appeared in over 40 feature films that have grossed over US$1 billion dollars. In 2008, McConaughey founded the just keep livin’ Foundation, which is dedicated to transformations through programs that teach the importance of decision-making, health, education, and active living. The just keep livin’ Foundation presently serves 37 schools in 11 states of the U.S. In 2016, McConaughey also took on a new role: Creative Director, brand spokesman and chief storyteller for Wild Turkey. In collaboration with Master Distiller Eddie Russell, McConaughey co-created his own bourbon, Wild Turkey Longbranch. He also serves as the Minister of Culture/M.O.C for the upcoming University of Texas sports arena. McConaughey recently released his first book, a memoir entitled Greenlights, which recently became a #1 New York Times best seller. 

McConaughey and Wild Turkey

McConaughey has been the Creative Director for Wild Turkey since 2016. The relationship began upon the actor’s inaugural visit to the iconic Kentucky distillery, where he was introduced to the Russells – the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame father and son Master Distiller team who have 101 years of Bourbon industry experience collectively.

McConaughey had an immediate connection with the Russells when he discovered Wild Turkey’s devotion to distilling Bourbon the right, unapologetic way. In 2018, McConaughey unveiled his own Bourbon: Wild Turkey Longbranch, a rare small-batch Kentucky straight bourbon refined with Texas Mesquite. 

Image (c) @wildturkeyau

With Thanks: 

Wild Turkey’s With Thanks is a global initiative that sees Wild Turkey give back to the community.

Getting one of the 150 limited-edition tents

The Wild Turkey x Homecamp Trust Your Spirit limited-edition tent and cooler bag come as a set at $950.00, head to www.homecamp.com.au or @home_camp to secure your tent now.

You can also go to wildturkey-thanks.com.au to learn more about this year’s With Thanks initiative. The 150th tent will be auctioned off, with the final bid going to Wild Turkey’s ongoing charity partner as part of its commitment to thank those who preserve the wilderness. 

McConaughey adds, “It’s time to pack the car and find your own place in the wilderness. As you sit before a crackling fire with a Wild Turkey Discovery Series in hand, people can listen to my stories on trusting one’s spirit and of what the wilderness gives back.” With the nation being switched on and plugged in for the last 2 years, McConaughey’s vision was not just simply to design a tent, but to craft a camping experience to inspire Aussies to escape to the wilderness while doing their part to protect it.

Mark Williams @mark_hikeau

( Extra information courtesy of Wild turkey @wildturkeyau)

Image (c) @hike_australia