INSOLE for Adults

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Synxsole orthotics are the ‘one stop’ insole for all your needs. Our patented, slim design helps you align your body, support your feet and lower limbs, as well as protect your joints.

Our Synxsole Everyday ‘one stop’ orthotics for adults:
  • Align your body, support your feet and lower limbs through a full range of activities
  • Fit into a wide range of footwear, including women’s fashion shoes, industrial footwear and sporting shoes
  • Provide optimum cushioning, shock absorption and support for your feet to effectively manage many common conditions including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, Morton’s neuroma, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain, leg pain, hip pain and lower back pain
  • Are designed by Australian podiatrists
Synxsole Features:
  • Shock absorption increases comfort and shock absorption whilst maintaining flexibility
  • Slimline design fit into a wider range of footwear due to reduced thickness/bulk
  • Anti-slip cover reduces slip within the shoe and maximises comfort
  • Trim to size for an accurate fit into your footwear. Cut to Fit instructions
  • Low arch height allows the arch of the foot to pass through its normal range of motion
  • Antimicrobial material for optimum hygiene
  • Made from the highest-grade materials
  • No liability is accepted for inappropriate use of the orthotic.
  • Synxsole orthotics are not custom made and therefore may not be suitable for all foot types and needs.
  • Please consult your healthcare professional should there be any issues.
  • Any modifications to the product may void any warranty.