Men's Black Thongs

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You know why most thongs are crap?

The straps break and you’ve wasted your money. Or the rubber tears around the hole and the strap keeps popping out. Most are flat, have loose straps and aren’t comfortable (your podiatrist or physio wouldn’t approve). They might even give you sore feet. They are terrible for the environment and take forever to break down. They can make weird noises when they’re wet (no one wants that!) They are a death trap on smooth or wet surfaces… the list goes on.

This is why our thongs are NOT crap:

  • Black straps attached - (no additional straps included)
  • Tapered single-tone foot bed with foot arch support
  • Lightweight premium blend rubber
  • Foot-bed moulds to the shape of your feet
  • Regular fit base with regular straps
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Unisex size is displayed on the heel of the base and bottom of the boomerangs
  • Premium PVC foot straps with metal logo badge
  • Boomerang plugs allow the straps & bases to be interchangeable
  • Too tight or too loose? Get the next size up or down in the straps
  • Get FREE replacement straps if they break
  • Customise your colours and style in less than 30 seconds... no tools, no fuss!

The boomerang plugs have been designed to fold over instead of snapping off if you have a "blow-out". You should be able to simply push the plug back through the hole in the base. If the strap breaks, let us know and we'll replace them for FREE  :)