Stay Fresh UV Toothbrush Cap

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The SWURVES Stay Fresh UV Sanitising Toothbrush Cap is a one of a kind, innovative cap designed to keep your toothbrush clean and hygienic.

Place your toothbrush into the cap and the built in UV-C LED light eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs that can cause illness and disease, making sure that your smile is always healthy and happy. As well as this, it has a built-in fan and small heat pad that work together to dry the bristles of your toothbrush quickly and efficiently (heat pad only works while plugged into a power source). With all of these amazing features, you can be sure that your toothbrush is always clean and ready to use.

    • UV-C Sanitising Technology
    • Small built in fan and heat pad to help with drying the bristles.
    • Magnetic back to hang toothbrush up and out of the way.
    • Comes in 3 different colours. White, Blue and Pink.
    • It comes with a USB-C charging cable.

The cap is easy to use and fits most toothbrushes, making it a must-have accessory for anyone who cares about their oral health.

Say goodbye to uncapped toothbrushes in the same room as the toilet. Say goodbye to putting your uncapped toothbrush into a sandwich bag while travelling (breeding ground for bacteria). Say goodbye to putting your uncapped toothbrush into your toiletry bag with the loofah your just washed your body with. Don't settle for a dirty toothbrush - get the SWURVES Stay Fresh UV Sanitising toothbrush cap today!

Note: DO NOT use high power fast charging pack. Using this will VOID warranty.