Stay Pure Neoprene Bottle Sleeve

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The perfect accessory for the perfect water bottle. This Water Bottle Sleeve has been designed to perfectly fit your SWURVES UV Purifying Water Bottle, providing a snug and secure fit!

The sleeve has been made using thick neoprene material to protect your bottle from scratches and dings, ensuring it stays looking newer for longer. 

Attached to the sleeve is Custom Bottle Opener Carabiner. This fun little feature makes it easy to attach your bottle to your backpack or even your belt loop, keeping your hands free for other activities. 

  • Durable material to protect your bottle from damage.
  • Snug fit with zipper.
  • Custom carabiner with built in bottle opener. 
  • A lovely sand colour to add a touch of natural beauty to your day.

This sleeve is the perfect accessory to your daily routine and any sorts of outdoor adventures!